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AO4S is proud to announce the addition of
Greg Harder as Director of Sales & Customer Relations!

Let's Do It

Improving people and production starts here

Sustainable agriculture has never been tougher. AO4S Agriculture Consultants can catapult you ahead of the challenges using methods you can manage long term. We can put you in touch with exceptional human resources, improve your current people and open up process bottlenecks. Looking to the future? Start here.

We are your fast track to sustainable solutions

Our Services
Find the 
Right People

We’re plugged in to a huge pool of experienced, university-trained workers in the U.S. and Mexico. AO4S can actually reduce your hiring costs while upgrading your HR capabilities. We offer flat fees, no long-term contracts, and tracking and assistance with visas.

Unlock Process 

AO4S exists to improve livestock production efficiencies. Our experience enables us to communicate clearly with all levels of your business and use wide-ranging insights and proven quality control methods to lower costs, uncover inefficiencies and keep you ahead of production demands. 

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Enhance Your Team 

You have them for a reason. Why not give them an engaging way to learn and improve? Our unique training is simple, accessible and empowering, with tools your current employees can use to better understand and align with your vision and improve their skills. 

What Our Clients Say

AO4S is very proactive, and they deliver on their promises. I was free to focus on operating my business because I knew that they were hitting all their goals and deadlines. That assurance, along with a more predictable labor situation allowed us to post record sales this year.

Commercial Landscaping Business Owner

Littleton, CO


Tracy Vigil

Health and livestock have always been the driving forces of Tracy Vigil’s career.    With an extensive career in veterinary pharmaceuticals, Tracy is uniquely capable of blending hands-on skills with scientific knowledge for our clients.   His dedication to excellence in everything he does shows plainly in his certification in project management and his black belt status in Six Sigma and Lean systems.   He holds a BS in Agriculture / Animal Science from New Mexico State University and credentials as a business owner himself.

Our Team


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