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Feedlot & Livestock Industry Employment Opportunities with AO4S

AO4S is the premier employment consultant for the feedlot and livestock industry.   Every member of our senior leadership team, has over 30 years of experience working in production agriculture. We have a vast network of connections and expertise to match you with perfect job.   If you are looking for new employment opportunities and advancements in the feedlot industry, we can help!


The AO4S Learning Academy provides employee specific online training for you to ensure that you are fully prepared to start your new career. 

Let us help you find your next career.

Industry Connections

Our connections in the production agriculture industry means we know about job opportunities before anyone else.  Your resume will be reviewed for positions that haven't been posted anywhere else.

Housing & Transporation Options

Many of our positions include housing and transportation options.  Each job is different but we make sure that you know exactly what to expect.

TN Visa Help

AO4S has extensive experience with getting all the documentation you need to gain and also renew your TN Visa.  We have working relationships with the Consulate Offices to make sure your application process goes smoothly and is processed in a timely manner.

Employer Match

We understand how important it is that you like where your work and are treated with respect.  We ask key questions of the candidate and also the employers to ensure a successful work environment for both parties.

Family Solutions

Families are important and we realize that a job must be a fit for all members of your family. Whenever possible, we work hard to find solutions to accommodate everyone.

Translation Services

If you are in need of translation services, AO4S can help translate your resume and even translate for you during the interview process.

Benefits of applying through AO4S

Work with AO4S and become part of 
a trustworthy team


Pen Rider

Lead Pen Rider

Camp Man

Bunk Reader

Feed Mill Manager

Feeder/Feed Truck

Ranch/Farm Hand

Cattle Manager

Feed Yard Manager

Assistant Feed Yard Manager

Feedlot Doctor/Hospital Crew

Ranch Herdmen

Calf Ranch Managers

Silage Techs


And More....

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