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Hire a Hero

Hiring a veteran through AO4S offers agribusinesses an unparalleled opportunity to gain dedicated, disciplined, and highly skilled employees who excel in challenging environments. AO4S is committed to closing the gap for returning veterans by helping them transition from a life of service and sacrifice to one of reimagined purpose and new missions.


By hiring a veteran, you not only support these heroes in leveraging their distinctive skillsets to create a stable and purposeful life but also gain an employee who brings unique problem-solving abilities, leadership qualities, and a strong work ethic to your team. Our team takes pride in thoughtfully matching the right veterans with the right opportunities, ensuring that each placement is mutually beneficial. Join us in making a meaningful difference while strengthening your workforce with individuals who have proven their dedication and capability under the most demanding circumstances.

Rear view of military man father carrying happy little son with american flag on shoulders


Leadership and Teamwork Skills

Veterans are trained to lead and work effectively in teams, often in high-pressure environments. They bring strong leadership abilities and a collaborative mindset to the workplace.


Strong Work Ethic

Veterans are accustomed to discipline, dedication, and hard work. Their commitment to getting the job done is a valuable asset in any professional setting.


Technical Skills and Training

Many veterans possess advanced technical and mechanical.  These individuals have received specialized training in areas such as heavy equipment operations, diesel mechanics, welding and fabrication which can be directly applicable to agriculture jobs.


Adaptability and Problem-Solving

Veterans are trained to think quickly and adapt to changing situations. They are adept at problem-solving and can handle unexpected challenges with resilience and resourcefulness.


Experience Working Under Pressure

Military service often involves working under extreme stress and tight deadlines. Veterans can perform well in high-stakes situations and remain calm under pressure.


Loyalty and Reliability

Veterans tend to be highly loyal employees, with a strong sense of duty and reliability. They are likely to stay with employers who value and respect their service.


Diverse Perspective

Veterans bring diverse experiences and perspectives to the workplace, contributing to a richer, more inclusive organizational culture.


Tax Incentives

Employers who hire veterans may be eligible for federal and state tax credits, such as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), which provides financial incentives for hiring veterans.


Enhanced Organizational Reputation

Supporting veterans demonstrates a company’s commitment to social responsibility and community support, enhancing its reputation among customers, clients, and employees.


Strong Performance in Leadership Roles

Veterans are often well-suited for leadership and managerial roles due to their experience in directing and motivating teams, making strategic decisions, and executing plans effectively.


Dedication to Continuous Improvement

The military culture of continuous learning and improvement translates well into civilian roles, with veterans often seeking ways to enhance their skills and contribute to organizational success.

By hiring veterans, companies can benefit from their exceptional qualities and skills, fostering a more effective, resilient, and diverse workforce.

Benefits of Hiring a Veteran

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