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AO4S=Advanced Outlook for Solutions

We’re a unique combination of people who joined forces in 2013 for one reason: to improve livestock production systems. This industry is feeding a growing world, and our mission is to make that possible for generations to come. 

Our Agriculture Consultants style comes from experience similar to yours, and our groundbreaking solutions come from mastery of industry-leading production principles. 

Meet Our Professionals

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Tracy Vigil

Health and livestock have always been the driving forces of Tracy Vigil’s career. His early work as a herdsman and a cowboy led to trusted positions as an appraiser and a managing partner. The ranches, feedlots and cow-calf operations on his resume have been both corporate and family-owned. He holds a BS in Agriculture / Animal Science from New Mexico State University and credentials as a business owner himself.


He has purchased, sold and managed veterinary pharmaceuticals for prestigious companies, which makes him uniquely capable of blending hands-on skills with scientific knowledge for our clients. Tracy has experienced every position he now helps train others for, and his dedication to excellence in everything he does shows plainly in his certification in project management and his black belt status in Six Sigma and Lean systems.

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Dr. Isaias Delgado

A respected veterinarian on both sides of the US/Mexico border, Dr. Delgado has more than 30 years’ experience in production agriculture. More than 17 of those years have been devoted to the largest animal health company in the world.


His abilities shine brightest in humane yet efficient animal handling and results-oriented employee training. Some of the largest feedlots and dairies in the US and in Mexico have relied on his knowledge and work methods.

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Vilma Santos

With a sharp eye for people who can be a perfect fit in our industry, Vilma Santos has broadened her recruiting excellence to include a specialty in helping our clients and incoming industry talent navigate the ins and outs of the TN professional work visa process. From immigration paperwork to deep knowledge in human resources and business management, she is an indispensable member of the AO4S operation. 


Vilma uses her MBA in public administration as a springboard for helping our clients see the larger picture of their day-to-day challenges, and she’s well versed in the Six Sigma and Lean principles that help uncover the root causes of those challenges.

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