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AO4S The Ultimate Pipeline

Employee performance is more critical than ever before. Today, labor resources from the US, Mexico and beyond are the norm for most producers. How do you build a team you trust? A team that improves the performance of your business? AO4S Agriculture Consultants can help you hire wisely, re-invigorate the team you have and turn outcomes in your favor for a high return on your human resources investment.

Building a team you can trust

We want your trust, and we do extra diligence to earn it. We handle all the visa and visa renewal details for employees we send your way. We place our professionals using a TN visa, and you will never encounter one that has not fulfilled their TN obligation to another employer. After the hire, we track and help with visa renewals, too.

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Our recruiting requirements are high, and our careful process allows us to bring you only the best candidates. We can afford to guarantee every new hire’s performance for a month because we take such care. When you see a recruit, they have already passed multiple screenings. We record  interviews, and those are available for you to watch. Imagine getting the right employee the first time, every time. That’s our aim.

Quality hires,
entry level to expert

The AO4S agricultural candidate database is rich with potential. We leverage our connections with accredited universities and professional associations in Mexico, so you get top choice among promising graduates as well as established professionals. We have a recognized track record for placing hard-working, highly educated employees who become a long-term fit in positions that had previously suffered from high turnover.


We have extensive experience in breaking down cultural differences that can postpone success. 

Cultural Gap


You Can Rely On Our Ability To:

  • Tailor training and orientation to specific cultural learning styles

  • Close the culture gap between owner and employee

  • Inspire true engagement with your processes using the comfort of the employee’s native language

  • Translate all job requirements and contractual agreements for thorough employee understanding

  • Verify all employee qualifications in the employee’s language

Security is a non-issue  

Every candidate you’ll see has passed an extensive background check by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. That inquiry includes FBI fingerprint check, Interagency Border Inspection System name check and an FBI name check. To learn more about this thorough process, click here.

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