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Quickly locate the problem

We've worked with so many livestock production systems that we’ve developed an eagle’s eye view of the challenges this industry faces. We see the big picture, and we can quickly uncover multiple root causes for challenges you’re facing.  

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Solve it once,
solve it for good

Complex bio-systems have multiple ‘moving parts’ that affect each other. You don’t have time for experimentation, especially today, when the stakes are so high. We use predictive technologies and state-of-the-art analytical tools to explore your possibilities and increase efficiencies. The result is a custom solution built specifically for your system. A solution you can implement quickly and maintain with custom controls for sustainable quality and efficiency.

Industry-leading methodology

Six Sigma is a perspective on performance that leads organizations to continuous improvement, including higher profits, improved product quality and better employee morale while eliminating defects in process and products. We’re Six Sigma experts, and we want to share how these insights can transform your business.

21st Century 
bio-system improvements

Another principle that maximizes the benefits of a Six Sigma approach is called Lean. This collaborative method creates more value for your customers by using fewer resources. AO4S can show you how to integrate the two to: 

- Achieve sustainable operations quality

Create solutions that are doable now and sustainable for the long term

Stop having to address the same challenges year after year

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