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The purpose of this document is to explain in as much detail to candidates applying for this position what all is entailed. It also sets clear expectations for all parties involved. We use this information to fill out the TN Visa application and to create the Job Offer letter that the candidate will be required to take with them to their interview. This document will be signed by both the employer and the candidate. The candidate will be required to sign this job description document showing he or she understands and agrees to the responsibilities of the position. Please make sure all questions are completely answered and typed to ensure we can read your answers.  This document is being sent in a Word document to allow you the space to type your information. Missing information on the document will delay the process. Thank you.
1. Compensation:
2. Benefits:
4. Job Description:

Please include as much detail as possible. This will ensure candidates clearly understand all that will be required of them should they accept the position.

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We add the following phrase to job description to cover any minor responsibilities: "However, they are not limited, it is your responsibility to help other teams as is needed."

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Representations in this document are those of the employer and will be re-confirmed by employer if the candidate is hired by employer.

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