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The purpose of this document is to capture all the necessary information required to fill out the TN Visa application and to create the Job Offer letter that the candidate will be required to take with them to their interview. We increase the candidate’s approval rate the more detailed the Job offer letter is. Please make sure all questions are completely answered and typed to ensure we can read your answers.  This document is being sent in a Word document to allow you the space to type your information. Missing information on the document will delay the process. Thank you
1. Company Contact Information:
A. Owner
B. Primary Contact
C. Secondary Contact
2. Employer Identification Number
3. Business Physical Address
4. Business Shipping Address
5. Employee Housing Physical Address
8. Would you like to review resumes?
9. Would you like to personally interview candidates?
10. Employee Housing
A. Do you have employee housing ready?
B. Is your employee housing able to accomodate both male and female candidates?

11. General summary about operation: (Please include a minimum of two to three paragraphs) The following details should be included in this summary: When was your dairy, feedlot, farm or ranch established, how many employees on your operation, how many head of cattle do you feed or milk. All this information helps use tell a story about your operation to the interviewer at the consulate

12. Do you have business letterhead with your company logo?  The consulate requires job offer letters to be made on company letterhead with a company logo.  If the job offer letter does not have either one of these items, the consulate will not approve the candidates TN Visa.   If you do not have a logo or letterhead, AO4S will be glad to create one for you.

Upload Image File (.jpeg or .png)


Upload Document File (.doc or .docx)

Thank you for submitting! We will contact you shortly to move forward in the placement process.

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