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Pen Rider

Location: Friona, Texas


Job Description


Consists of a 10-hour shift per day, 6 days a week, comprised of 8 team members. 

Day shift, starting from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.  These hours may change seasonally


Below are the main activities for this position. We add the following phrase to job description to cover any minor responsibilities: However, they are not limited, it is your responsibility to help other teams as is needed.

  1. Communicating in both Spanish and English would be a plus

  2. Exposure to feeding & Bunk Reading a plus

  3. Will need to learn how to Operating a feed truck – cross training

  4. Will process cattle

  5. Excellent Horsemanship skills. The Yard provides well bred cow horses. Will provide saddle until employee is able to purchase a well-made saddle that won’t sore our horses.

  6. At a minimum they should be able to tack on a shoe would be beneficial if they also knew how to trim feet

  7. Experienced low stress cattle handling, 

  8. Experience in pulling sick cattle and doctoring based on treatment protocols, It is extremely important that all Feed yard protocols are followed 

  9. Pen Riders will be responsible for treating pulled cattle.

  10. Computer skills would be beneficial

  11. Evaluate hospital area once a day and evaluate animal health.

  12. Responsible for making sure processing area and hospital are clean at all times.

  13. Be able to follow the Yards processing protocols for loading and receiving cattle

  14. Must be able to build and repair fence. We run five strand barbed wire with 1 hot wire on wood posts.

  15. If the candidate does not possess a valid U.S. drivers license they must study and pass drivers license exam within 3 weeks of arrival to the yard.


Annual Starting Salary: $ 35,000.00 & depending on experience

Salary + Benefits: $ 43,000.00


Housing: Valued at: $400 per Pen Rider will share house but have their own room or we will help candidate find a house near feedyard

Transportation: Will work with employees until they save enough to purchase a vehicle. Must have a valid U.S Drivers license to drive company vehicles.

Utilities: The feedyard will pay the up to $100 toward utilities each month

Insurance: Will depend on qualifications, willing to pay $100 per month toward insurance and employee must provide proof of insurance to qualify

Other: Beef will be provided as needed

Special Provisions

Paid Vacation & Holidays

Yearend reviews: Ownership will meet with employees one on one to discuss performance, benefits and bonuses.

No Smokers, No Drinkers and No Drugs

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